This unbelievable true story from Rachel was in last year’s Best American Essays with good reason. Read it and weep. 


by Rachel Riederer

Do all buses have four tires in one cluster like this, two across and two deep? Two of the tires are sitting on my left leg, and my right leg is wedged into the little crevice between the pairs.

That’s not the opening of the essay, though I really wish it were, but that doesn’t make this any less amazing.

Also how fun to click the link and see that apparently this person is in the other meeting group of the science writing thingie I’m in. Great things ahead!

She may have slightly better material than I do.

This essay is amazing.

This is only made more emotionally touching when you read it while sitting on a break in a rehab hospital, with people who’ve experienced traumas like this all around you. 

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